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Young adults

We offer individual assistance and support to young people (aged 17 to 26 years) who are scheduled to leave children’s home soon or who have already left. The goal of this service is to help them integrate within wider society and to prevent their possible failure.

We provide employment and social counseling (direct help with creating a CV, orientation on the job market, finding a flat, dealing with bills, applying for social benefits, etc.). We carry out a thorough career assessment (analyzing and recommending suitable job opportunities, monitoring the interview process, provinding advice on how and where to look for a job, etc.).

We also directly arrange full- and part-time employment, thanks to our cooperation with specific employers who provide jobs tailor-made for our clients. If necessary, we coordinate adjustments in the workplace and support measures to help with integration of the client from the outset. We also run regular Job Clubs which help provide continued job-search support (experience sharing, meeting new people in similar situations, etc.)



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