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Letní dům helps children and young people from children’s homes and their families. Our activities are funded through state and local subsidies, public and private grants, and donations from private companies and individuals. If you like what we do, you can support us.

How to support Letní dům?


Material donations

In the course of our working with children and young people, many things are required -- art materials, board games, movie tickets, tickets for public transport, etc. We can also use office supplies, such as paper, envelopes, toner, etc. Our website has an updated list of things we need. If you would like to donate items or services please contact Jana Horáková.

Monetary donations

If you would like to support us financially, you can transfer a donation to Letní dům’s account. Each donor will be notified by e-mail with a confirmation of receipt of the donation and, on request, we will issue a certificate or prepare a deed of donation for tax deduction purposes. You can also contribute by credit card.

Česká spořitelna: 193 123 73 69 / 0800  

IBAN:CZ47 0800 0000 0019 3123 7369


Support by volunteering

Would you like to directly participate in our activities? You can help us in many ways – organizing public events, helping at our retreats, or just occasionally helping at our office. For up-to-date information about what our needs are, please contact Jana Doležalová.

If you want to receive our quarterly newsletter informing you of our recent events and activities, please write us!


Your donation is tax-deductable!

The conditions for tax deductions can be found here.

What will your donation bring?

  • The youngest clients of the children’s home will be able to spend a few days “at the cottage” with Letní dům and will leave with many great experiences and a warm feeling of belonging somewhere.
  • The older clients will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to take care of themselves in their “own” flat -- they will live (nearly) independently, planning and managing their own time. An important, common experience for most people, but the first for them….
  • Young people from children’s homes who have just stepped out might find a job, a flat, or simply stand on their own thanks to you.
  • And for some you may even be providing a home – because with the help of Letní dům they will be able to stay with their own family or return to it.


We truly appreciate any help you can offer, and give a big thanks in advance!


Suggestions for possible future cooperation are more than welcome! If you have any, please let us know!


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