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 Our Activities

Letní dům's most visible activities involve young people aged 6 to 26, in cooperation with five children’s homes in the Czech Republic, but our efforts go much further. We provide services for any young person who has grown up in institutional care, some of whom may now be adults but who still need help or support.


Our activities focus on a number of areas.


We prepare children and young people from children's homes for a seamless transition to indepence by building their psychosocial and practical skills.


We support families experiencing difficult current situations with the intention of stabilising the lives of all the family members and by fostering a safe, understanding and caring family environment for the children. We help find practical solutions to everyday problems (e.g. dealing with bills, finding a job, helping with schoolwork, etc.) while improving parenting skills, family communication, and the children's mental well-being.


For foster parents, we offer assistance, guidance, and follow-up education to ensure they are fully prepared to provide substitute care.



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