Letní dům, z.ú.

offers its services to children in substitutive care, to young people who have left children's homes, to families experiencing difficulties, and to foster parents.



In 1994, the founders of Letní dům spent their summer working at a children’s home. The ongoing practices there and the system of institutional care as a whole was a big disappointment to them.

Children, whose lives have been marked since the beginning by emotional and social deprivation, physical, psychological and often also sexual abuse, were not provided any therapy. The children were looked after mainly by people without proper qualifications, and their traumas went medically untreated. Our founders came to the conclusion that these same children should receive compassionate and specialised care from a team of professionals.

As a result, Letní dům was founded in 1997 with the mission of helping those who grow up in substitutive care, or without the support of a functional family, to experience a happy childhood and achieve an independent and fulfilling life.

Letní dům works toward achieving concrete goals over a long-term period. We find creative ways to develop individual personalities, provide support in times of crisis, and establish bonds between children and the surroundings in which they grow up and live.


Welcome to the Charity bazar 15th May 2018. Letní dům NGO helps children to follow their dreams.

The famous Czech actors of the Divadlo na Jezerce will take part in.

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